Drawing Stones with Charcoal

A few years back, feeling disconnected from making art, harried with the daily demands of life, I looked at a couple of buckets of pebbles and stones my husband collected and started to draw them. Upon walking on  a beach, all six foot six of this giant of a man walks slowly and methodically, eyes down observing, searching for the uniqueness of the stones that are washed ashore in each particular place. In contrast, my eyes are always looking out to sea, I search the horizon, he observes the detail. Below are three drawings from what turned out to be almost twenty drawings in this series, I was amazed at the peace this simple act of observation and focus gave me. I love drawing, the immediacy and simplicity of charcoal on paper, materials that are as old as time connect me to life, stories and the history of art.

This past week, our friend and professional photographer, Goran Basaric, spent hours in my studio documenting over 70 drawings and paintings that I have been storing over the years. I promise to upload them onto my website over the next few weeks.