Floating Homes

We came across this floating home tucked in a secluded bay on one of the Gulf Islands. It looked so peaceful and calm and started me thinking of the first time I saw a house being moved to a new location by water. We were camping in Ruckle Park at the South end of Saltspring Island and there it was, I thought I had had one glass too many, when a house floated by, pulled by a tug boat, heading to a new location to start a new life. The sense of space and distance is no obstacle out here and inspired the second painting called 'Silence' below. 

Floating Caravan, 24 x 24" Oil on Canvas 2015

Silence, 48 x 60" Oil on Canvas 2015

This Painting is an imagining of moving house and home into the vast space and silence of northern Canada. Both of these paintings can be seen in the Lynn Valley Library Gallery, North Vancouver until June.


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