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My new love affair with Lichens, Lobaria Pulmanaria

Although our new island home is only a short two-hour ferry ride from Vancouver, the composition of the forests are very different. The climate in the summer is drier allowing Arbutus, Garry oak trees, and Douglas fir trees to thrive. Earlier this winter, exploring a new trail we noticed this luminous broadleaf scattered beneath the trees.

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Retirement, Redirection and Rejuvenation.... O Joyous Spring!

After 28 years of teaching Painting, Drawing and Senior Studio, I am retiring. I finished teaching my last classes on April 4th. and officially retiring from Kwantlen Polytechnic University on August 30th. It has all gone by in a flash, giving me great memories of countless students who taught me about cultural diversity and how at heart, as humans, we are all the same.

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