Sibéal Foyle 


Born and raised in Ireland Sibéal Foyle is motivated to record her view of the world through painting and drawing. After graduating with a BFA from the Belfast College of Art, she emigrated to Canada where she completed her MFA at the University of Calgary, Alberta in 1986. Her work is initially inspired by, 'The near and The afar',  geographical surroundings and memories which she transforms with an imaginary vision that alters the landscape in poetic ways. This becomes the setting for her primary interest which is to create narratives involving her family, community, images from present and past and the cultural and political happenings of the day. These multiple overlapping processes require a significant period of gestation and through sketching and drawing support the more complex and time consuming paintings which evolve over periods of months and years. She works on numerous pieces at one time allowing for the stories to develop and mature prior to releasing them into the world.


Today, after 28 years of teaching at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, BC. Sibéal is transitioning into working full-time on drawing and painting. She has just moved with her husband and dog to an island on the beautiful Canadian west coast where they are in the process of setting up a new home and studios.